Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Tech

I was asked how technology has helped me prepare for the holidays this year. OMG. What in the world would I do without technology? This year in particular has been great. I've been following blogs and printing coupons and catching deals all year long. It's only December 8th, and I've had most of my Christmas shopping done for several weeks now!!! And on top of that, I have a nice little program on my iphone that helps me keep track of the presents that I've bought so I don't forget that I have things stowed away.

On top of that, I use my computer to store all of my cookie recipes. I use facebook to keep in contact with all of my family and friends. I research all of the activities going on in the area to determine if we want to add anything new to the family traditions. And most importantly, what in the world would I do without technology to entertain me and the kids while hubby is watching yet another (eye roll) NCIS marathon? It's crazy how much I depend on technology.

After the holidays are over and everything is calming down, I like to get on my computer and upload all the photos and videos that I've compiled throughout the holiday parties we've attended. Then I order pictures and posters and photo collages and photo mugs to remember the happy times we all shared.