Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things To Do

Notice that there is a new list on the right side bar now. These are the major things that I do to earn and/or save money. I'm trying to get myself more organized, and this list will help keep me together. This is just the short list. I will be making some changes to it in the near future. Right now the mystery shopping and survey links will take you to Money Saving Methods. The coupon link will take you to The Grocery Game. And the small business link will take you to my small business website. This will change soon, but this is the quick and dirty way to show how I do things.

I've learnt everything I know about mystery shopping and finding survey sites from Carrie at Money Saving Methods, so until I create my own content, see her info. Even after I create my own content, I will still be directing you to her info. But along with my own two cents too. Same with surveys. And as far as I'm concerned, The Grocery Game is the best way to get coupon matchups. If you haven't tried it yet, sign up for a free trial for a month. It's an excellent service. Well worth the cost.

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