Monday, February 8, 2010

Baking Day!

I LOVE to bake on cold and snowy days. So I'm gearing up for this big snow storm scheduled to start at any minute now. I despise driving in snow. But since I'm still laid off and doing the stay at home and take care of baby and work on running my own business thing . . . snow storms are beautiful. I hate that hubby has to go out and drive in dangerous conditions. But at least I get to greet him with warm yummies fresh from the oven when he gets home. On Friday I made homemade hot chocolate.

Tomorrow will be more advanced. I'm going to attempt to make homemade yogurt. See the link here if you want to try it out too. I'm also planning to make some type of bread. And pudding and jello, and cookies. And we'll see what other concoctions I can come up with too. But the yogurt is the big experiment. If it turns out right then I'll start buying frozen fruit to blend into yogurt smoothies. And I read someone elses post about adding caramel, bananas and brown sugar. Mmmm.

I'm a total sugar addict these days with the pregnancy. I'm sure I'll come up with all sorts of other things too. I was craving peanut butter, jelly and marshmallow sandwiches the other night. Just suddenly at about 2am, peanut butter. But I'm very nearly 7 months along, and so far I've only gained 7 pounds!!!!!!!!! So I'm indulging in the sugar cravings. It should make my baking day interesting.

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Danielle Miller said...

The yogurt turned out great! Mine isn't as thick as the pictures shown in the recipe, but it tastes like yogurt. So that's pretty good.