Friday, January 15, 2010

Working with Baby

Ok, this is a different sort of post. I have no idea how to get any work done with my 1 year old running around wreaking havoc. Does anyone have any ideas? During the course of looking up bags and boxes at Uline and writing the prior post about it, he has been all over the house, typed random nonsense to a customer service person in live chat, and pushed a button that shut down my computer. Can't do baby gates currently because I'm too pregnant to step over them now. He won't tolerate a play pen anymore. And I use his naps to clean up the mess he just made, so no progress there. HELP! It's helpful when Dave gets home from work because he gets to chase him around. But most of the time, Dawson still prefers to "help" me. I'm thinking maybe I need to be the one in the play pen. He can have the whole house, just give me a 3X3 square that's protected from little fingers. And why does he have to be so cute when he's causing trouble? I need to work harder on my mommy poker face.

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