Friday, January 15, 2010


I've been working hard on getting my new website together for my candle shop. I'll post info here once it's up and running, and I will also be posting some details about the company I'm using to get it published. So we'll see how it goes.

In the meantime, I happened upon an awesome deal by accident. This is more of a small business post, but if you send a lot of packages to relatives or an out of town college student or something, it could benefit you too. And it might be a little boring, but I'll tell you the whole story.

While working on my new website, I'm also trying to get my inventory organized. I'm starting to run low on bags to package my incense in, so I hopped online to double check the price. Well, the place I bought them at doesn't carry them anymore. So I've been working most of today trying to figure out who does. I ended up at They sell all sorts of packaging and mailing materials. I was able to find the bags I needed cheaper than the other place anyway. Yay! They're even sending me a sample so I can make sure it's the right kind of thickness that I need.

So I was looking around at some of the other things on their site. I haven't had to do much shipping yet since most of my sales have been at craft shows, but I had to ship a box of things last week. The UPS Store charged me $6 for a box. OMG. I'm not certain of the exact dimensions it was. But the kinds of sizes I would need are less than a dollar each at Uline. I have to buy them in bundles. I can't just buy "a box." But when I can get 25 boxes for $15.25 (plus whatever it will be to ship them to me) it's going to be a huge cost savings.

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