Monday, January 4, 2010

Mr. Rebates

I received a check in the mail today for $32.06! This was completely free money!!! How did I do it you ask? Internet shopping through Mr. Rebates. These were all purchases that I was going to make anyway. Instead of going straight to the website I was going to purchase from, I went to Mr. Rebates first. By following a link to the store from their site, you get a percentage of your purchase back. This is wonderful because not only does it include specialty internet shopping, there are also necessity type sites available. 1800petmeds has a 10% rebate. Walmart has a 3% rebate. 1800contacts has a 7% rebate. Even ebay has a 3% rebate. So if you're going to buy something online anyway, go to Mr. Rebates first and you'll get an even better deal.

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