Saturday, January 9, 2010

House Party!!!!

I've been working hard on implementing a new website for my candle business. It's a lot of work. But I think my brain is fried for now, so thinking about this awesome site I've been using is a nice change of pace.

Check out This is a site where different companies give you freebies to have parties for them. I've hosted three parties so far and have gotten some pretty valuable stuff. Basically, a company wants to introduce a new product, and they want to give out some freebies in a more interesting way.

You have to go to the house party website and set up an account. Then fill out an application for anything that you're interested in. The first one I did was for Healthy Choice. They sent me coupons to get a bunch of their new meals for free to feed my guests. Then I was selected for a Windows 7 Launch Party. I got a free copy of the operating system, and some neat favors for my guests. This last one was my favorite though. I received two games for my Nintendo Wii system, and a bunch of coupons for free packs of Jello Mousse. Wonderful! The Wii games were worth over a hundred bucks!!! And what a fun way to spend an evening with family and friends!You get to keep the merchandise they send you, all they ask is that you share it with your guests.

So check out the site and sign up. I don't know if I've been super lucky or what. But it amounts to some pretty nice freebies.

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