Saturday, January 2, 2010

Grocery Budget

Ok, I worked pretty hard on this yesterday and I finally have it together. My grocery budget for the entire year of 2010 is $3000. This amount will include everything I spend on cat and dog food, cat litter, diapers, formula, alcohol, health and beauty items, Sunday papers, and my subscription to The Grocery Game. It will be a challenging goal, but I should be able to do it. After a year of practice, I have a much better understanding of the kinds of things my family does well with stocking up on, and the kinds of things that goes to waste if I stock up.

Another thing that is going to help me stay within this budget is the fact that I'm already stocked up on many things. I will only get toothpaste if it's completely free and in the brand that I like. Otherwise, I have it, so even if it's super cheap, I just don't need it. I have enough shampoo to last me the whole year. I will still get more if I come across deals that are great and in brands that I prefer or that I want to try. And it had better be super cheap even for that. I also need more man shampoo. You know how guys don't like to smell flowery, fruity or pretty. There are quite a few other things that we have plenty of too. Toothbrushes, shaving cream, some cleaners, hamburger helper, kool aid, coffee, and other odds and ends. Really, my biggest expenses are dog food, diapers and beer. Everything else, I can find really good sales to keep me well on track.

So follow along with me! I'll be offering tips and showing you how I'm finding the information, and how I'm implementing the plan. I recommend using a speadsheet if you're tracking your own budget. And to get started, be sure to pick up several copies of the Sunday paper tomorrow. It is supposed to be loaded with coupons!

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