Sunday, January 3, 2010

Groceries 1/3/10

Ok, a couple things I want to point out first. Yes, I'm doing a lot of trips. I don't usually shop everyday. But there have been a few things I let run out, and I'm not completely organized yet, so multiple trips. Usually, I think two trips a week is probably what I do. On top of that, my habits seem to be such that I'm able to focus on the stockpiling and deal shopping better at this time of year. Once the nicer weather hits, I'm just not as into it. So for those reasons, my budget will probably appear to be out of whack. There will also be entire weeks, and sometimes months, where I don't have to go grocery shopping at all other than for milk and eggs.

Did you get your papers this morning? Wow! Lots of coupons. I sat in my car pulling out the Electrosol and Carefree pads ones for my Walgreens trip. Super deals and I didn't want to chance that they would be out of them if I waited until later. I had to do three separate transactions, but the total of all three was 7.02. One of the things I got was an after Christmas gift thingy with meat and cheese and a cute little cutting board and cleaver. Hubby likes to eat the snacks, and I like the cute little accessories. It was marked down to $5. I counted it in my grocery budget because it does qualify as a snack, and the only real reason I bought it was because I had some extra register rewards that I needed to use up. So here's the run down:

Total $7.02
meat and cheese
4 packages of carefree pads
3 boxes of electrosol dishwasher soap
and $3 in register rewards to use next time

Kroger $21.08
5 newspapers (Enquirer's marked down to $1.25 each!)
2 gallons of milk (need)
2 cartons of eggs (need)
1 laundry detergent (1.50)
2 chip dips (1.06)
1 pudding cups (free)
1 corn starch (1.08)
1 yogurt (.19)
2 cans water chestnuts (1.36)
2 cans bamboo shoots (.30)
2 bottles of creamer (1.98)

Everything at Kroger except for the papers, milk and eggs had coupons. And I found out just a few minutes ago that the creamer is on sale for free at Meijer this week. However, hubby is going to start eating breakfast at home instead of at McDonalds, so it's still going to be a cost savings.

You may be noticing that there is no real food on my list. LOL. That's because none of those things were on sale at prices I liked, and I have enough on hand in my stockpile. Also, Kroger's new week doesn't start until tomorrow. And I won't have my updated list of sales from The Grocery Game until Tuesday morning.

And just because I have to add it to my list because it's part of the budget . . . hubby went to a drive thru for beer. Spent 12.08. More expensive because it was a drive thru, that's why I'm bummed about it. But he wanted beer with football today, and our car's battery is suddenly having problems, so he didn't want to have to turn off the car. Good enough reason. Just a huge bummer to have a disruption to the budget like that on the third day of the year. But I'm looking forward to all of the beer rebates that should be starting to come out before long.

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