Saturday, January 2, 2010

Groceries 1/2/10

Due to poor planning in the recent past, the cats informed me this morning that they were out of food. I couldn't find any cat food coupons, so I had to actually pay full retail. Not happy about that. However, I still turned it into a good trip.

Total $15.68

14 pound bag of Meow Mix $10.00 (need)
soda and juice $2.98 (need)
pudding (free)
beef filets .68 (after coupon)
tax .94

So this was just a small trip. I usually only pay a dollar for a small bag of cat food. That way it's cheaper to buy the small bags. But since I had no coupons, the large bag was the better deal. And it covers me for a couple weeks while I lay in wait for coupons and sales.

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