Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010!!!

It's still a couple hours away, but I'm planning away. I'll be saying good riddance to 2009. It was a tough year in very many ways. I'm super excited about 2010 though! I'm starting it on a good note. From beginning to get my house in order, to getting my finances in order, with baby number 2 on the way, and my optimistic attitude about life refreshed. It's gotta be better than the last year afterall!

For the next few weeks I'm going to be working very hard on this blog, and on following my own advice. Sometimes that's the hardest part. Easy to say what you should be doing. Harder to actually do it. I intend to dust off some old posts and review the information. Sure, we could always just go back and read my old posts. But if I do the work and repost, then I can also add some details that I might not have known or thought about back then.

I'm also going to get back to work on my candle business. The economy made for a tough year last year. I had a couple advertising experiments that didn't work out, and my craft shows didn't go as well as anticipated, so I stepped back from it all for a bit. Now I'm back on track. Maybe not in the same way, but with renewed energy and ideas, and with the small let downs far behind me.

Something I haven't really advertised on this site, but another thing that wasn't working for me so much . . . I'm a Southern Living at Home consultant. My contract comes up for renewal at the end of March, so I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it to try for another year. If anyone is interested in having a party or coming to a party, or anything at all, let me know. I absolutely love their products. I've got to sell the stuff just to support my habit! But we'll see. 1 year old and a baby on the way kind of has me scared about filling out my schedule too much.

I'm also going to start tracking some very specific goals that I will document on here. To keep myself honest and in hopes of getting others to try similar things. I will post details on those specific goals in posts as soon as I have them better defined.

Have fun tonight, and be safe. And let's look forward to a prosperous new year together!

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