Saturday, October 24, 2009

Extra Extra

After stockpiling for almost a year, there are some items in my stockpile that I know I'll never use. All are things I got for next to nothing. Like Head and Shoulders shampoo. Great product, but I prefer the girly and fruity smelling shampoos, and hubby prefers the man smelling stuff. And since I can always find great and/or free deals on those, no sense in having the stuff we don't like take up space in my closets. Or I've found out that hubby will only use the gel deoderant stuff that squeezes through the holes. (Or I have to listen to him complain everyday when he puts on the other stuff.) So I may as well free up the space.

This is actually a really good time of year to go through your cupboards and closets and clear out unwanted items. Many charities are in need of things for the holidays and winter season coming up. Another thing I like to do is put together gift baskets. I may not use the full size St. Ives face wash that I got for 49 cents, but it goes great in a gift basket for a teenager paired with some lotions and makeup. If you've been a super couponer for any time at all, you probably have some things to get rid of. Be creative, and remember, it can do someone else a lot more good than it will ever do you if you have no intention of ever using it.

I actually read earlier today that some person had stockpiled 120 cans of Campbell's Tomato Soup. Wow! Evidently this person got the soup for just pennies after coupons, and took it around to her neighbors. What a great idea! How nice would that be to just grab a package of lunchbags, stick a couple cans of soup in it and maybe a pack of crackers or something, and pass them out to your neighbors, just to be nice? Or stick the can inside a large mug with some decorative packaging filler, then create your own little blend of spices to add to it. Put it in a little bag with a cute little label and one of those cheesy poems about how to make a happy home by adding a cup of love and a dash of kisses, etc. That would be a nice little Christmas gift for teachers, people at church, neighbors, coworkers, whoever. And all you would really have to pay for is the mug. Find a good deal at Oriental Trading Company and buy them by the dozen, and there you go.

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