Monday, October 26, 2009

Dining out with baby

I came upon this money saver by accident. I've been patting myself on the back ever since because it was PERFECT for my family. We went out to eat on Friday, and had a wonderful time. There was a yummy looking appetizer I wanted to try. It was around about $6.50. Then I noticed that the appetizer I wanted was also part of a larger appetizer sampler that was about $9.50. The sampler came with chicken tenders as one of the sampler items. Then a quick glance at the kids menu showed me that the cheapest thing on the list was about $3.50. So instead of getting the single appetizer, we got the sampler and fed the chicken tenders to Dawson for his meal. So, aside from the fifty cents in savings . . . .

We got the appetizer I wanted, along with potato skins which are always yummy.

We were able to feed Dawson the bulk of his meal while we were at the "just snacking" stage of our meal. He didn't get fussy waiting on food. And he was done and happily playing with his fork when our entrees came out. We were able to enjoy our meals like normal people instead of letting it get cold while figuring out how to feed a toddler and ourselves at the same time.

It was a lot more food than would have been included in a regular kids meal. So we had enough leftovers for an additional meal for him the next day.

And does it annoy anyone else that kids meals are the simplest, most basic foods, tiny portions, and they want to charge you like 4 or 5 bucks for them? I'm sorry, but a grilled cheese sandwich is not worth $4 when you can get a regular sized and quality entree for $8. The standard chicken tender kid meal was $5 and included two tenders. And I'm sure if we had ordered that, it would have been a whole different quality. For just the $3 extra on an appetizer we would have already bought, we got 4 delicious tenders that Dawson just LOVED, and like I said, the four potato skins. He enjoyed one of those too.

I have to say, after doing it this way once, I will ALWAYS do it this way. As he gets bigger, and with another baby on the way that will eventually eat kids meals too, we might need two appetizers. But I found it very enjoyable to have the extra options to munch on. And forget the cost savings. LOL. Having the food there so early and fast to get Dawson fed was spectacular!

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