Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Business Marketing

Ok, just a warning, I'm going to plug Vista Print again. LOL. I swear I don't work for them. It's more like they work for me.

First, a review of some items I recently ordered. I got some flyers. I customized these with a couple pictures of my candles and created tear tabs on the bottom. I intend to hang them on bulletin boards wherever they'll let me, and hopefully people will tear off my little tabs and take them home and visit my website. The flyers are beautiful. A slight gloss finish and brilliant colors. Much nicer than I could have printed myself. I got a set of 25 free. I also got a box of business cards with the glossy finish. They are stunning. I will only order glossy from now on for my business cards. It was a free upgrade this time around, and hopefully I'll be able to continue finding those deals so that I only have to pay shipping. A third item that I got was the two tone bag. I like it. It will suit my purposes. But it isn't as high of quality as I've come to expect from Vista Print. The material is thinner than I expected and the printing is less than amazing. Still good mind you. And still priced fairly for a custom print job on a nice bag. Just not quite as nice as I would have liked.

Another point I want to talk about here is how you can be original with the different products. This picture shows a tag that I made for my incense bottles. It includes instructions about how to use it, along with the ever important disclaimer that says not to leave incense burning unattended. I'm having this printed on note cards. It is normally something I would print myself, but this way I will have a nicer tag, professionally printed, and almost the most important thing . . . it coordinates with my logo and the design that I have on my other marketing materials. Since I consider my incense bottles to be works of art, I also included spaces on the back of the card to write in the title of the bottle and the artist. The artist is usually going to be me or my mom, but it adds to the idea of the hand painted bottle being thought of as art.
So get creative with your Vista Print products. A note card doesn't just have to be a note card. A business card doesn't just have to be a business card. I've used their free business card deal to make coupons. I intend to put coupons for 25% off of an order in every order that I ship. And maybe I'll hand them out when I go to certain events too. I've had post cards printed to use as flyers. Because I won't be mailing them in the near future, but I want to walk around and hand them out to neighbors. So the post cards are a better size for my purpose and I get a larger quantity in the free deal than what I would get with the flyer product. I think I'm going to use the flyer product to create letterhead since their letterhead is expensive. It might not print correctly since it's a slightly glossy paper, but I'm willing to try, and of course I'll report back here. The flyers will also be good to create order forms that would be filled out by hand.

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