Friday, August 7, 2009

Vista Print Email Campaigns

This is the coolest thing in the world! If you like Vista Print like I like Vista Print, then you'll love this new feature. Go ahead and sign up for the free 1 month trial if you have a small business or a blog you want to advertise. It's simple to set up. You can enter email addresses manually, or import a file. I did mine manually, so I don't know how well the import works. Then you can very easily create a snazzy looking email to send to everyone.

A really nice feature that I like is that you can set up your emails to be sent on a certain date, and you can send them to your list up to six times a month. This will be super nice for me because I can sit down and create all of my emails at once, then schedule them to send automatically for the whole month. I will still need to log in throughout the month to add more email addresses (hopefully.)

Another totally awesome feature is that once you've sent an email (called a "campaign,) you can track it. You can see how many of them bounced back to where the email address is wrong or no longer in service. It also tells you who the unbelievers (ie, unsubscribers) are. And it also tells you who has opened your email! Another feature that I think is super nifty is that over time, you can get stats on the people who NEVER open your emails. So you can delete them from your list and only send to the people that care.

The free trial is for an email list of up to 50 contacts. If you do any networking at all, hopefully you're already close to this number. After 1 month, it costs $5 a month. For a list of up to 250 it is $10 a month. I think this is a great price for a valuable marketing tool. And an easy way to track how well your marketing is working. Fingers crossed that I can actually get some sales this way!

One last tidbit. There is also a feature where you can create code to put into your website to allow people to subscribe to your email. You can see the box I added on my website. As you can tell from the length of this post, there are a gazillion things that make this a wonderful service to have. Click my link to Vista Print in the side bar to see more!

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