Friday, August 21, 2009

A Time To Give

Part of learning about coupons and building my stockpile has made it more important to me to give to others. I have so much stuff that I get for practically nothing, that I've found myself wanting to share my information and my stockpile with others. I wrote yesterday about how I dug into my stockpile to give my brother bunches of things to help him get started in his new house. I've also taken little things with me to festivals to give out to the kids while their parents are shopping in my booth. Little girls love getting their own bottle of lotion. One other thing that I love to do is put together cute little gift packs with my deal shopping finds. But once the recipient gets all excited about it, I point out that the entire thing cost me about $3.00, and the most expensive part was the cute container I put it in. This tends to get people excited about couponing, and I love getting others addicted to this game.


Jennifer said...

Don't you just love it when you tell someone how much you paid for something? It's fun to be able to share without breaking the bank!

Danielle Miller said...

Yeah, I think I'm getting annoying though because I announce the price I paid for every single little thing. LOL. It kind of devalues a gift when I tell someone it was only a quarter.