Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time Out Tuesday - Sometimes Life Sucks

Have you ever had one of those days where NOTHING goes right? Have you ever had one of those years? I swear, the past three years of my life have felt like that. There have been a couple spectacularly good things. Meeting and marrying my hubby, and having my baby. But everything else just seems neverending. I'll give you the short list. Trees falling in the back yard, breaking a cap on my tooth, hubby breaking a cap, lap top died, other computer died, hubby got laid off, got new job, got laid off again, luckily got new wonderful job, I got laid off, lots of expensive medical fees (happily not for anything life threatening,) dealing with an unpleasant person on an almost daily basis, dealing with a herd of little unpleasant people, and dealing with the side effects that come with being laid off and having lots of medical (and ahem. . . legal) expenses.

And remember, that's the short list. LOL. It's feeling like things are never going to get to a normal level. I certainly don't expect life to be perfect. I'm just ready for it to not be so freaking hard. I feel like I'm in a leaking boat and throwing out bucket after bucket of water to keep from sinking. Most of the time I'm able to just barely stay afloat, then as soon as I start to make some progress, another wave comes along. At least I have my family. And all of these hardships have pointed me in the direction of learning about the saving money websites out there. And my own challenges of finding money leftover to still be able to work on my business when it feels like every penny goes out the door has inspired me to write this blog and hopefully help others in similar situations.

All of this hardship in my life should be ending in the near future. And when it does I'm going to be fortunate to have gone through all of this. I'll already know how to live frugally so that I'll be able to get the most for my money.

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Danielle Miller said...

And as luck would have it, the car died today. It isn't worth it to get it fixed, so we will either sell it for salvage value, or donate it for the tax deduction. We're down to one car now.