Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Time Out Tuesday - My Little Shark

Those of you in the Cincinnati area . . . did you hear those awesome thunderstorms this morning?!!! Now that all the trees are already down in my backyard, thunderstorms are wonderful again. Although they do usually start with a St. Bernard and Canaan dog on top of me and husband wanting to be snuggled and protected from the mean thunder.

Dawson is in a stage now where he loves to be kissed. He will give kisses, and if he wants a kiss he will lean his head in to mine. Last night I had him with me watching a movie in bed. Dave was downstairs watching his Monday night wrestling. (men.) Dawson kept giving me kisses. After a few, he decided to try it with his mouth wide open and bit my chin. Ouch! He thought my little squeal was hilarious, so he kept doing it. So from my point of view, all I see is a baby mouth wide open and little teeth coming at me. It was so funny and cute, and he wasn't being mean or hurting me, so I let him keep up the game. The little booger chased me all over the bed biting me and giggling while I screamed in pretend outrage.

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