Saturday, August 22, 2009

Product Review - Pledge Mulit Surface Spray

I got a bottle of this Pledge a few months ago, and finally decided to try it out. I LOVE IT! I almost used the whole bottle in one night because I was trying to find more things to clean. I liked it so much that I might even pay full price for it. With a coupon of course. I didn't fall off the wagon or anything. Just that I won't be waiting around for a sale to get it for a quarter if I need a new bottle right away.

You can use it on practically all surfaces. So I had one rag and one bottle and could wipe down anything in sight. It smells like a light version of regular Pledge. So it's nice not to have the strong chemical smell. It does a great job on everything.

One complaint. On the bottle it says streak free and no residue. Well, you can tell from the photo that there are streaks on my stove. Could be my fault. My rag might not have been optimal for streak free cleaning. But still. There it is.

All in all . . . This is DEFINATELY a product that I find to be worth the money.

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