Sunday, August 23, 2009

No Shopping Time

Well, I think it's about that time again. I'm taking a small shopping break. Of course, I'll still need to run out for milk and a couple minor necessities (i.e. beer) but with all of the great deals from last week, I'm sick of messing with it for now. I need to take some time to get my coupons back in order. And it's the end of the month, so that means going through everything to get rid of expireds too. But I intend to go about three weeks without any major shopping trips. After doing a soda and snack run at Walgreens anyway. They have good deals on Pepsi products this week. And on Tostitos too. I have tons of salsa from a couple months ago, and it's a fairly healthy snack (comparitively.) And I've got a gazillion boxes of cereal, so I think I'm set for a while.

While I'm on my shopping hiatus, I'm going to focus on organizing what I've got, doing some intense yard and house work, and working on my candle business like crazy. I just got a huge order for my Birthday Cake candles!!! So that has renewed my enthusiasm. . . . and a word from our sponsors . . .

Birthday Cake candles are great for a gift, or for yourself. The scent of freshly baked white cake topped with buttercream icing. The candle is white with confetti colors inside of it. Get them fresh out of the oven at

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Seriously though, I put a lot of love into my candles, and the birthday cake ones are something special. I'm pretty impressed with myself on those. LOL. This is my most popular scent in candle form.

Ok, ok. So this coming week I'm going to be working very hard on my business. I will be researching marketing options and getting the shop in my garage back into shape. I had a minor setback with it due to some leeching. Someone sees your good idea and wants to do it too. Which is fine in some circumstances, but in this one it's just too close for comfort. Took the wind out of my sails a bit. But I'm back, and I'm not going to let it bring me down. All it's going to do is change the way I market.

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