Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Vista Print Info

Ok. So if you've been reading my site longer than two days, you know how much I love Vista Print. In my ordering today, I noticed a couple tricks to ordering. First off, they ALWAYS have sales with free or discounted stuff. So if there is something you want, just wait around for a few days and your sure to find a deal. Make sure you're on their email list, and make sure you navigate to their page from the emails they send you. I attempted to fill my cart with free and discounted things, then went to Mr. Rebates and came back to the site. Silly me. That didn't work. The prices all changed. My total had originally been $21. It changed to like $70. So I just went back to the email and followed a link and my cart changed back to what it had been. So getting the rebates definitely isn't always worth it.

Also, there are some things that are kind of pricey. It may be worth it to buy a larger amount at a later date, but for now, my business can't afford it. So every time those things come up free, I grab some. Along with a small order of something else. There's still a processing fee, but if they are things that I truly need and can put to good use, then it's worth the processing fee.

I'm still loving the email marketing too. It's so easy to do. I did come across a small hiccup when I sent an email yesterday. It somehow didn't send to anyone. I know I selected people for my list. But since I checked right away to see if any bounced back, I seen the problem and resent it successfully.

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