Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mean People vs. Couponers

Well, I had an interesting experience at Walmart today. It was coupon day, and four inserts in the paper, so I was out grabbing my extra papers. At Walmart there's a great big display of them with four sections. I always go to the back corner section so I'm out of everyone's way. That way, normal paper readers can grab a paper. But I have to flip through and make sure that the papers I'm getting have all of the coupon inserts in them. Tim, my friendly Walmart greeter, was not happy with me at all. I had come across one paper that did not have all the coupons in it, so I put it aside. He felt the need to come over and complain to me about how I was messing up all of his papers. I told him that I was checking to make sure that they had all the inserts. He gave me a huffy, "they all have the same things." As anyone who pays attention to the coupon inserts knows, newspapers are put together by people, who are not perfect and make mistakes. It's pretty common to come across papers that are missing pieces. That said, I bought five papers, all of which had their coupons, but I ended up with only one Kmart, Staples, and Office Depot ad, and did not receive ANY CVS ads.

So anyway. Tim stood there and gave me mean looks the whole time, and I tried to hurry. Not that I care so much about what Tim thought about me, but it did make me uncomfortable to be stared at. And as chance would have it, Tim was not even wearing a name tag, so I asked him specifically what his name was. I checked out then went directly to customer service. Yes, there was a line. But I've had enough run-ins with rude greeters whose very job description is to make customers feel welcome in the store that I feel it's my obligation to say something. Especially when it's on behalf of couponers. Plus, the mystery shopping thing also puts me in that mindset. Places pay me money to let them know if their associates are doing their job. Although Walmart is not one of those places, when it's my personal experience at the store that is suffering, and assuming I have a few minutes to spare, I try to speak up.

So anyway. I stood in line at customer service to complain. The customer service cashier got a manager for me, and was also aggravated because she also buys the Sunday paper just for the coupons, and also checks to make sure it looks like everything is there. So the manager came up and I told her my sad story. She seemed honestly concerned about it and said that she would say something to Tim. She told me to go ahead and check through my papers there at the counter to make sure they had what I needed.

While I was standing there checking the papers, another customer came in with a coupon complaint. One of her coupons wouldn't scan, which again, any couponer knows, this happens. It just does. Maybe the ink didn't print perfectly or something. I don't know. Lots of reasons. It happens. But she was told that it must be a fraudulent coupon. In front of everyone she was accused of committing coupon fraud. She ended up telling the cashier to just take the item off her order and she would use her perfectly good coupon elsewhere. If it was me, I would told the cashier that I would wait while she got a manager and/or called corporate if that was necessary. I figure it's my job to be as big of a pain in the you know what as possible if anyone tries to give me a problem with something that I know should work just fine.

Anyway. My papers were fine, so I left. And on the way out, I noticed that Tim was suddenly wearing a name tag. I tried to give him a mean "neener" stare, but he was working hard to keep from looking at me. LOL.

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Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

I once had the same problem at humiliating! Good for you for going to the higher ups!

Thanks for sharing this.


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