Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kroger Deals

There are a few really good Kroger deals this week. I'm going to highlight a few, but remember, The Grocery Game has a much more extensive list. And even better, now the trial period is completely free. So try it out!

One other thing to mention before I highlight a couple Kroger deals . . . P&G Esaver. If you aren't using this yet, get with the program!!! All you do is set up a free account, add your Kroger card number, and then go through their list of coupons and select the ones you want. The coupons are added to your card and automatically come off at the register when you purchase those items. Even better, you can combine the esaver coupons with regular manufacturer coupons! Some of the great deals I'll be getting this week have both a paper coupon and an esaver coupon.

Lady Speed Stick on sale for 88 cents, $1 off 2 MQ makes them 38 cents each!

Right Guard Deodorant on sale for $1, $1 off 2 MQ makes them 50 cents each!

Tampax Tampons $1.99 w/ four item purchase, .50 MQ doubles to $1 off, PG esaver .50 makes them 49 cents a pack!
(and speaking of this . . . I'm not pregnant. . . yet.)

Puffs Tissues - Buy 3 boxes, and make sure you buy something else that gets you to the 4 item purchase price which is 79 cents a box. MQ for .25 off 3 and PG esaver for .25 off 3. Equals 54 cents a box.

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