Thursday, August 13, 2009

Internet Shopping Rebates

As you can see from my banner, I really like the Mr. Rebates website. I have explained how this works before, but I will touch on it again just a bit. Any shopping that you want to do online, go to the rebate site first, do a search for the store you want to shop at, then click the link to take you to that store. Any purchase you make, you will automatically get cash back on.

Mr. Rebates is my favorite. There are other sites out there too that work the same way. Cashbaq and Ebates are the other ones I'm familiar with. If you have an account at all three sites, just compare the percentage rates at each one to determine which site to use. For example, if I was making a purchase at Brylane Homes, Mr Rebates gives me 5% back, Cashbaq pays 2.5% back, and Ebates pays 3% back. So I would use Mr. Rebates to make the purchase.

Don't forget to do a separate search at Retail Me Not to find a coupon code!

This is especially great for the Vista Print products and services. Mr. Rebates gives you 10% back on Vista Print products.

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