Friday, August 14, 2009


Several items I will never pay for again . . .

With combining sales and coupons, there are several things that I should never had a need to pay money for ever again.

Toothpaste - I have gotten so much free toothpaste, that I probably have a big enoug stockpile to last for the rest of my natural life. At least for as long as I have teeth. LOL. I still "buy" more when I get it free, and I also give it to friends and family. Not everyone has time to coupon and deal shop, so I feel better knowing that my work can still help them out even if they aren't the ones showing up at the store with coupons in hand themselves.

Deoderant - This one is a bit trickier. I can get a lot of deoderant free, or next to free. But my husband insists on a specific type that usually isn't free. He doesn't so much care which brand, but he has to have the gel type that squeezes through the holes. So I recently had to pay 50 cents each for a dozen deoderants for him. My needs are less specific, so mine is always free, or maybe 9 cents.

Mustard and hot sauce - I think I have a big enough supply of these two condiments to last for the rest of my life! I still "buy" more when I get the coupons that make them free. Although I do usually take a quick look around the aisle to see if anyone else wants my coupon to get a bottle free before I grab it myself. I'm planning to put together some cute gift sets with it. Throw in a cute basket and a cute, inexpensive pot holder from IKEA, and a couple other odds and ends and it will be beautiful.

Celestial Seasonings Tea - around the winter holidays, Kroger marked these down to $1 a box. With a 50 cent off coupon that doubled, these were completely free. I'm not much of a tea drinker, but for free, I'll have it occassionally. Besides, I want to drink more because it's healthy. These are also good for gift sets. Put it in a basket with a mug or two, and you have a wonderful Christmas gift.

Lots of other things - There have recently been a lot of really good beer rebates out there. One that my family did was the 12 pack of Smithwicks. You spend $50 on groceries, buy the 12 pack of beer on top of that, then get $20 back. I've been doubling up on rebates. I just inform the cashier ahead of time that I will need multiple receipts. Then I spend my $50, and I try to include as many other rebate items as possible to lower my total after rebate amount. Recently it's been the $20 back from the beer, $6 back on a case of Snapple, $7 back on a pack of Pediasure, and $10 back on 10 cans of AMP. So out of $50 worth of groceries, I end up getting $44 back. Is that a deal or what?!

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Mellisa said...

What a great idea!! I love rebates too!! I was trying to find a way to follow your blog but couldn't see it anywhere. Am I missing it?