Sunday, August 16, 2009

Couponers Unite!

While I was at Kmart today taking advantage of their super double coupon promotion . . . (any coupons up to $2 are doubled) I overheard a woman telling someone about how she never pays for most of the stuff she gets because of coupons. As she walked by, she seen me with my envelope full of coupons and we got to talking for a few minutes.

It's fun to go shopping and run into people that share your hobby. We shared some tips with each other, things that were new to each of us, and we complained about how we couldn't get our friends and family members to join in as much as we would like. (Come on guys. I do the hard part, all you have to do is take the coupons I hand you and go to the store and pay your 15 cents for your toothpaste.)

It was also helpful because she had already scoped out some of the coupon matchups, and so had I. So we were able to save each other time by pointing out if something was already gone, or if we had seen something that was a great deal. We couponers are our own little club. It's easy to become a member. Just start clipping your coupons and reading some blogs. Especially if you can find local ones. Then you may even be able to meet with the writer and get one on one info!

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