Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Time Out Tuesday

Ok. Mind shift. No money, business or savings talk. Just me and my life. Well. My life is a bit weird right now. In addition to the withdrawal problems I mentioned in the prior post, I'm also running on very little sleep. I'm CONSTANTLY working. I can't stop. My schedule is to play with Dawson while hubby is at work, do house work and making candles and stuff once hubby gets home, then when hubby goes to bed, do my computer work. So where does sleep figure in? It doesn't.

Dawson is out on the town with my aunt today, so I get a break. And when I say a break, that means that I get to go out and run my errands, come home and make phone calls. And the withdrawal from my happy pills is starting to make me jumpy and nervous. I'm going to be a lot of fun for a couple weeks. I'm as tired as can be, but when I lay down to sleep, I just end up thinking of all of the things that I could be getting done. And I think I might be pregnant. So throw in real or perceived hormonal differences on top of all that. Yay. Boy, you guys are in for a treat if I am. Increased hormones for an extended period of time did not work well for my personality. I think that's probably a polite way of putting it. Mostly I just slept. And complained. But I had this really fun trait where I could get mad at anyone I wanted, but if they argued back, or merely defended themselves from my attack, then I would cry uncontrollably. Then I would cry harder because I knew how horrible I was being and felt bad about it.

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