Monday, July 13, 2009

Time Out Tuesday

Ok. I'm behind schedule. Again. No big surprise. But I am only one person, and a business mommy, so life can be pretty hectic. I spent my morning making phone calls today. Trying to find places to set up my candle booth to sell. No luck today. I'm trying to find some different sorts of places and not just festivals. I also had to call my bank and get a fraud issue taken care of. I swear, I'm not exaggerating. My credit card number has been stolen like six times in the past two years. The person at the bank said that it could be anything causing the problem, and not anything that I'm doing wrong. It's very frustrating. But by now I don't freak out when my card gets declined. I just assume that someone has stolen my money. I call the bank, go in to sign a paper, and they put the money back in the account. Stressful and infuriating, but not a tragedy.

Dawson was a total cutie today. He is all of the time, but today he was extra sweet. I guess because I was awake before he was and he didn't have to cry for me. I love it when he gives me the cute puppy look. The one where he looks up all innocent and waits for me to acknowledge him, then smiles so big.

I'm trying to introduce a bit more structure into our days. He's only 14 months, but I've decided that I'm going to home school him. So I want to get both of use to a good schedule. I'm finding some really interesting resources to use for home school. I plan to approach it not as home school exactly. More like college. He'll have different classes on different days of the week. He'll have an art class here, a science class there, a day trip to participate in a program at the zoo. All sorts of stuff. My number one reason for wanting to home school is just because of all the bad and dangerous things going on in public schools that we hear about these days. But also because I was so freaking bored in school. I don't want him to have to be bored when I have so much going on at home that he can learn from, and so many different things that I like to go out and take part in. I would rather turn a camping trip into an opportunity to learn science and conservation and physical fitness and geography. So many ordinary things can be easily turned into wonderful learning experiences. And more than just keeping him from being bored, I believe that creating that kind of a learning environment for him will instill life long learning in him.

So that covers my moment of personal thoughts for this week! And I promise that I'm going to get caught up on my blog topics for the week.

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