Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Time Out Tuesday

Wow. The title today is definitely appropriate. I've been up all night with my little screamer. Dawson is almost 14 months old. He's normally very laid back and a wonderful baby. He hardly ever cries. And he almost always sleeps through the night. Tonight, not so much.

When he first woke up, I went into his room to comfort him. To no avail. So I brought him into bed with me and my hubby. Crying, crying, crying. No fever. He's eaten plenty. His diaper is clean. But he squirmed, cried, rocked, cried, etc. He kept reaching for the edge of the bed and looking down and crying. Finally, after screaming unconsolably forever, he swung his legs over the edge of the bed and got down. As soon as the booger was on the floor, he picked up a toy and was perfectly happy. He just didn't want to be on the bed. That's a new one.

He played on the floor happily for a while, then he started getting tired, so we put him back in bed. And of course, the crying started again. I don't usually let him cry for long. If he's crying, it means he needs something. But tonight has been totally different. I told my husband that Dawson must have read my mind earlier when I was thinking about a second baby for a few minutes. (Even bought a couple newborn outfits that were on sale for a dollar each.) So I guess Dawson decided it was his job to make me say that he's enough all by himself. LOL.

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