Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Printer Update

It turns out that I'm going to be getting my printer for only $20! That's pretty awesome in my book. Let me tell you how . . .

See my post from last week about how I was able to get the printer for $40 after rebate. My wonderful new used printer was supposed to arrive on Tuesday. Well, I got an email saying it was to be delayed a day. I'm super excited to get my new printer, and I don't want to have to wait longer, so I made sure to stay home all day anxiously awaiting my delivery. And you know how it is. They always show up when you're in the bathroom or getting dressed. So I've been on guard all day long ready to run to the door at any moment. No delivery. No email updating the shipment date or anything. So I called the number from the original email. It was a problem with UPS, they hadn't communicated with me or with Staples, but it was listed on their tracking website as to be delivered on Thursday. Great, another whole day of waiting around. Because we all know they don't come early in the morning. They wait until 4:45 just so you have to stay home all day.

So, the nice customer service woman with Staples took $20 off of my order for the inconvenience! Yay! Although under normal circumstances, a day of staying home would cost more than the savings would be worth, since I'm unemployed and working on building up my business, there wasn't really any opportunity lost. So I get my printer for $20 after rebate. I'm pretty thrilled. And hopefully my printer will be here tomorrow.

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