Sunday, July 12, 2009

Office and School Supplies

Now is the time of year to start stocking up on school supplies. If you have a small business, be sure to stock up on some things that you need for yourself too. Becky at Nickels N Dimes (link on sidebar) works very hard to list all of the great back to school deals. Check out her blog for specifics.

Some of the things that are very important to stock pile is paper, folders, pens and pencils. These are all things that you can get for next to nothing this time of year. But if you go to buy a spiral bound notebook in January, you could have to pay close to $3 for one. If you end up going over board and buying more than you need, then just donate it once you no longer have a need for it. Better to have too much at a super cheap price than not enough and have to get it at a high price.

I will be posting my $5 Walgreens Challenge later today. Be on the lookout.

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