Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grocery Shopping Prowess

My prior post showing the great shopping day I had was made possible by doing a lot of the things that I talk about on this website. The most important part of the plan is to buy several Sunday papers a week for the coupons, and also to subscribe to The Grocery Game. I recommend subscribing for Kroger and Meijer, which will cost a total of $15 every 3 months. The first month is only $1 to test drive it. After that you will be hooked. I know I was. If you sign up for Grocery Game, then please use my email address, smartbusinessmommy@gmail.com as your referral. They do the coupon to deal match ups for you which saves a ton of time.

As I mentioned in posts earlier today, I also manage my prescriptions in order to get free money when I buy them. Meijer, Walgreens, Target, K-mart and Rite Aid usually have something going on. Meijer had a lot of prescription coupons in the Entertainment Book this time around. I hope they do that again for the next edition. Target and Meijer will give you coupons for new prescriptions. Walgreens and Rite Aid will only do transfers. Pay attention to the rules, and be very careful about keeping track of where you filled everything. If you get your prescriptions cheaper through mail order, then obviously this wouldn't work for you. If it's only a little cheaper, you might want to analyze if getting them filled at the stores and getting the extra money to shop with would be a better savings. Sometimes it also may be cheaper to ask your doctor for a prescription for something even if it's available over the counter. Prenatal vitamins are a good example of this. With my insurance, it costs about the same OTC or RX, but it makes a big difference when spending the money gives me extra money to shop with.