Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby Momma with a Business

One of the difficult things about being a business mommy is allocating time for work. And I don't just mean hopping onto the computer to get a few things done. Or even turning on my wax pots and pouring some candles. I mean the professional aspects. Making phone calls and sales calls. And going to networking events. Those are the types of things that as a business woman, it's hard to have the time and the confidence to jump into that aspect. I can't just wait until my husband is home to take over baby duty to go out on sales calls. Business owners just wouldn't be in the mood to be talking to me at that time of day.

One of the things that I'm trying to transition to is the idea that as a business mommy, there is nothing wrong with taking my baby with me. Dawson is very sociable and well behaved. And a great big flirt. And being a business mommy . . . mommy is half of my title. I really think that most people I will be talking to would be perfectly fine with me having Dawson on one hip and my free samples and promotional package in the other hand. Afterall, I think a big chunk of small business owners are in business for themselves because they want to have control over their own lives to a big enough degree to accomadate personal needs. Although I will say that I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful little monster that can be perfectly happy entertaining himself for a few minutes while I do other things. And I bet inside of a small art gallery, he will be mesmerized looking around at things from the safety of his stroller that he won't even care what I'm up to. And if Dawson isn't quiet while I'm on the phone, I'm not going to stress about that either.

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Stephanie said...

It is hard to balance everything, isn't it?

I agree that most people won't mind having a baby around one bit. In fact, it might actually help your "cause" because many people will immediately "relate" to you. :)