Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Awesome Beer Rebate!!!

Ok. It's hard to find info on beer rebates, so I try to keep y'all tuned in to the deals. I was doing just a quick run to Kroger, planning to grab a couple items, and a pack of beer. Well, after I grabbed my couple items and was picking out the beer, what did my little eye spy? A $20 rebate on my favorite brands!!! So here's the scoop. You need to buy 2 6-packs of Smithwicks, Harp, Guiness, Smirnoff, Red Stripe, or Parrot Bay. Then spend $50 in groceries on the same order. Then you get $20 back with the rebate!!!

It was difficult for me to spend $50 at the store. And I didn't have all of my coupons with me. So I opted for some items that never have coupons. Like meat and produce. And I just walked in the door to post this, and I will be filling out my rebate and getting it to the mailbox right away so I don't get side tracked.

One extra tip here. Since I was unprepared for a $50 trip, and my brain wasn't functioning well enough to do the running total like I usually do. (Something with the excitement of seeing the rebate kind of fried my circuits a bit. Pretty bad when I don't have to even drink the beer to get buzzed!) So I filled my cart full of things I needed that never have coupons. There were a few luxury items. Like Wheatsworth crackers. I love them. But they're pricey and I've not seen coupons on them. However, I also can never remember what they're called, so I haven't been able to search for coupons online. I will now! I also chose this time to stock up on batteries and cat food. I would have grabbed diapers too except I just couldn't do it without my coupons. Then when I checked out, I used the self scan. I kept an eye on my total while I scanned. I knew that I had $11.50 worth of coupons, and $10 worth of Mega Sale Savings that wouldn't come off until the end. So basically, I wanted my total as close to $70 as possible. So I scanned most of my items, then had the cashier take off the coupons. Then I was a couple dollars short, so I added a couple more things. Once my total showed $50 after coupons and discounts, I added on the beer. Mission Accomplished. I had to put back a few items. More than I expected. But I've been a grocery store cashier before, so I've paid my dues.

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