Wednesday, July 15, 2009

$5 Walgreens Challenge (a little late . . . but not too late)

Ok. I've been putting this off, so I'm posting it now and getting on with my life! The main reason I've been procrastinating is because the $5 challenge isn't the best deal this week. The diaper and wipe sale is the best deal. But there are some other nice prices that I'm going to take advantage of. Tonight I'll be going to do the following:

Transaction #1

Listerine or Reach 3 for $9
use $3 off 3 MQ and receive $3RR
Total $6

Transaction #2
Lindt Chocolate Bars 2 for $4
use $1 off 2 coupon = $3

Use $3 RR from above
Total $0

Total OOP = $6

Ok, so it wasn't under $5. But it's a spectacular deal, and if you've been doing Walgreens deals, then you should already have another RR to use to make it less that $5. But eat your chocolate, brush your teeth, then tell me if you're happy or not. ;-) I looooooove the chili chocolate bars that Lindt makes. I can't really taste chili, but after the chocolate melts in my mouth, there's a bit of an after hotness. Just enough to make it sexy.

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