Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Topic Review

I have posted on The Grocery Game before, however there are new people reading, and for others that have been following and may have forgotten, I want to have a review. The topic review is going to become a regular feature in my blog for items that I find very important and beneficial to know about.

This is a wonderful web page that will help to save you literally hundreds of dollars at the grocery store. I have personally probably saved more than $600 on groceries so far this year. Plus, I'm eating better than I used to, and only buying name brands rather than generics. There is a fee for the service. You can get the first month for 99 cents as a trial to see if you like it. So long as you're actually using it, I can't imagine not falling in love with it. After that it depends on how many stores you want to use. One store costs $10 for 2 months. I use 2 stores for $15 for 2 months. I am signed up for Kroger and Meijer.

The basic idea of the site is that all sales for the grocery stores are tracked. Terri is the name of the woman who runs the site. She has figured out a system to how the grocery stores have sales. On top of tracking her system, she keeps an eye on coupon matchups for the items on sale. The big thing that distinguishes her site from others that do match ups is that she also keeps track of the unadvertised sales.

After two months of using The Grocery Game, I had saved enough money to be able to buy a deep freezer. After six months of using this service, I got to a lull in my personal motivation to deal with coupons, along with lack of really great sales in the grocery stores. However, due to using the site, I've been able to live off of my stockpile for almost two months without needing to do grocery shopping. I've run out for milk and eggs. That's it. Well, and beer.

Yesterday I had a wonderful experience at Meijer due to the list of sales and coupon matchups. I was able to buy enough cleaners, (toilet bowl cleaners, floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners, kitchen cleaners) to last for probably three months. And the total I spend was less than $3.50. I had to do two transactions, but one was a bit under $2, and the other was a bit under $1.50. In the past when I was in need of cleaning supplies, it usually messed up my whole budget for the week because cleaning supplies are so expensive. No more! Now I only buy them when they are on sale, and then I only have to spend a few bucks to stock up for several months at a time.

This is just one example. A very small example. Grab you Lysol cleaning supply coupons and head to Meijer and you'll see what I mean. And if you do decide to sign up for The Grocery Game, please use my email address as your referral.

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