Friday, June 19, 2009

Stockpiling Sense

Although it was nice being able to live off of my stockpile for two whole months instead of having to grocery shopping, I missed out on a lot of good deals. Nothing extra, extra super. But quite a few things that would have been nice to have. My main reason for not going out was pure laziness. I just didn't feel like it. Then earlier today it hit me. I hadn't been going out because I hadn't been buying as many papers. For me, I think I need to be buying five papers a week. If I only plan to get a couple things, then it really isn't even worth the time, energy, and gas to do it. However if I'm able to get five of each of several items, then it is worth my while.

Everyone is different in how they want to shop. My point is that you should try to figure out what type of shopper you are. If the store is on your way home or if you have other reasons to go out, maybe grabbing two or three deals works out fine for you.

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Becky w/ Nickels-n-Dimes said...

This week is a great week for Meijer if you need sugar (we always do for coffee), Koolaid and Mac and Cheese! If you are into stockpiling, this is a great time to stock up on these items!