Monday, June 22, 2009

Shopping Success!

Well, today's trip was so much fun! This is what the couponing is all about. Being able to get a ton for my money. I don't have a picture because hubby put away everything before I had a chance. But I won't complain. So let's see, my total was exactly $18.00. My booty was made up of 80 packets of Kool-Aid, 20 boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese, 4 bags of sugar, I splurged on 1 box of raw cane sugar, 2 boxes of Super Pretzels, 4 Edwards Pie Singles, and 2 packs of Ball Park hot dogs.

Grocery Game has the Kroger list up now too and tomorrow's shopping promises to be almost as fun. A couple highlights are Hefty Zip Lock bags for 69 cents, Hunts Manwich for 24 cents, Ragu pasta sauce for 28 cents a jar, and Oscar Meyer hot dogs for 58 cents.

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