Monday, June 22, 2009

Personal Schedule

Well, I've been fighting it for a while. Since I've been laid off I've tried to stay on the same schedule as my husband. But I am so not a morning person. I've finally decided that I should be working my natural schedule so that I can be more productive. I'll see how this goes for a little while and change plans if necessary. That means I'll be sleeping from about 6am to noon. Which actually should work out halfway decent. I'll be able to pack lunch for my hubby and fix him coffee, then wake him up for work, feed him breakfast, then hop into bed just as he's getting ready for work. So far tonight has worked out pretty well. I managed to spend a few hours making candles, then sorted my little guys clothes for storage. He's over a year old now. And I finally took a few minutes to make labels for the bins and sort them by size. Which made me realize, OMG, my little one is getting so big. Some outfits he only wore once. Which is such a shame since so many of them are so cute. But that just means that I need to have a dozen more.

So my piece of advice in this post . . . know who you are and go with it. After all, that's a big part of the reason to work for yourself. If you accept who you are and work within that, then you'll most likely be more successful than if you try to do things the way everyone else does just because.

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