Saturday, June 27, 2009


Well, with all of the super deals on groceries at Kroger and Meijer this week, I've had to work on reorganizing my pantry. I had to cook dinner while I still had things out and all over the place. So I just cleared off a burner on the stove and heated some hotdogs. Well . . . it turns out that sugar and heat don't go well together. I thought it was pushed back enough, but my big Rubbermaid container full of sugar was sitting too close to the heat and a hole melted into the side of it. Sugar came pouring out, and onto the hot burner . . . and went up in flames!!! OMG. It was a very small fire, but the sugar kept pouring out and kept it going. I didn't have enough hands! But hubby helped me, and we pretty much had it taken care of before the smoke alarm even went off.

So I've learnt two things from this incident. #1 Sugar ignites. #2 stockpile is in need of baking soda.

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