Monday, June 22, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday

Muffin Tin Monday is a blog club where you use your muffin tin in a creative way. No rules, whatever. The ones I've seen have been using their muffin tins to portion out a variety of snacks as a meal for a kid. My Mondays will be a little different. So here's the first one.

In my quest to stockpile with my freezer and create fast, easy heat and eat meals, this one worked out great. I was making macaroni and cheese with hot dog pieces in it for my little guy. I decided that since I already had the stove on, instead of cooking one box, I cooked two. After I pulled out enough for us to eat for dinner today, I used the muffin pan to separate out single servings for later. It's in the freezer now, and once it's frozen I will take them out of the cups and put them in freezer bags. Be sure to use cooking spray on the muffin pan first.

The next (dozen) times I want to cook up mac and cheese for Dawson, all I'll have to do is throw a portion into a dish and microwave. Two words. E. Z.

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~Bobbi~ said...

Good use of your tin!