Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Light My Fire Candles

Whew! I've been working up a sweat today. It's Tuesday, so that means my candle shop is open for business in my garage. It started the day in pretty bad shape. Now it's starting to look ok. I've got so much work to do in there. All I can say is PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSE give me business so I can afford climate control in there. LOL. Well, by the time I have enough business to be able to afford climate control, hopefully I'll my own little shop in a real little shop rather than in my garage. Maybe an employee or two would be nice too. But all of that will come in time.
So other than whining about the heat and wishful thinking about my future little shop, I want to focus on getting going with a small business. Where do you start? There are so many things to do. Making product, creating a website, taking pictures of your product, advertising, taxes, legal stuff, etc, etc, etc. You'll find that the list never ends. As soon as one thing is done, three more items get put on the list. But that's good. It means that doors are opening. Whether it be opportunities or ideas, both are very good.
So where do you start? I think absolutely number one is to have a good process to create your product. Know enough about what you're doing that you can do it without thinking. I've found that when I'm making my candles, I have the routine down so well that there are only certain points within the process where I have to give it my full concentration. Otherwise my mind is working on all sorts of other things. It helps me to stay focused on my ultimate goals of becoming a millionaire and running Yankee Candle Company into the ground with my superior but more affordable candles. Then next step, TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION. WAHAHAHA.
Ok. Back to reality. My shop is still in process, so it still looks kind of rough around the edges (ignore the edges, that's the rest of the garage, lol) but it's my little shop. I made it. I created everything in it. The things I didn't create myself, I put much thought into if it would be right for my business. If you see something that interests you, zip over to my candle website, www.lmfcandles.com and look around. Email me if you have any questions or want to place an order.

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