Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kroger Trip 6/18/09 and Stockpiling

I didn't take a picture, but I had a pretty decent Kroger trip today.  I spent more than my normal budget, but this was also a stockpile trip since I haven't done a real shopping trip in almost two months.  So spending almost $40 was still good.  Plus, that included some cat food, and my silly babies have to have the good stuff.  

A couple items of note . . . I got 4 gallons of milk for 75 cents each.  (See the Hip 2 Save link on my sidebar for info on how to get those milk coupons.  You may have to see older posts on that site.)  I also got yogurt 4 for a dollar.  (Also on the Hip 2 Save site.)  50 cent paper towels, and 29 cent Kraft salad dressing.  That is just some of the highlights.  I did splurge on a couple things that we needed.  Like I said, no grocery shopping for two months.  So we were low on a few things.

I'm also trying the freezing eggs experiment.  I messed up a little bit.  I got extra large eggs, and those don't fit in the ice cube trays the right way.  One extra large egg filled 1.5 ice cube spaces.  So when I use them I'll use one cube that has a yolk, and one that doesn't for it to equal a whole egg.  I think that I read that medium eggs are the ones to freeze because they fill one ice cube slot perfectly.

I've started freezing other items too.  So far so good.  My family only uses a third of a thing of pasta and sauce for dinner.  So I split the jar of Ragu into three different containers and froze it.  I cooked some up last night, and it was just like normal.  I also froze my leftover pasta last night.  It froze up nicely.  I'll let you know how it thaws.  For my next pasta meal, all I have to do is grab a freezer bag of sauce and a freezer bag of pasta and throw it in a pot and warm it.  I have a stockpile of frozen meatballs, so I'll throw those in too.  So let's do the math.  If I remember correctly, I got the pasta for 19 cents, the Ragu for 80 cents, and meatballs for 1.25.  I use an entire pack of meatballs in a third of pasta and sauce.  So the total for the meal is 1.58.  Pretty good.  And I've still got the Green Giant steamers that I got for free after coupons from early in the year.  

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