Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Coupon Day!!!

Hello all. It's Sunday, and of number one importance is that today is Father's Day. I hope everyone has fun in whatever events or traditions that you have planned.

Second of all, it's coupon day!!!! Be sure to grab your extra Sunday papers. Small local papers tend to be cheaper. I can get a Hamilton Journal News for 1.25, but a Cincinnati Enquirer is usually 1.50. Sometimes my Kroger has sales on the Enquirer. So long as you have one paper that is giving you the news you want, grab your extras from whatever is cheapest. I will be buying three extras today.

In order to make the couponing easier, I have put together a schedule of what to expect to be able to make the most of the deals.

Sunday - buy your extra papers, clip and organize coupons while watching tv, read blogs

Monday - read blogs

Tuesday - print your grocery lists from The Grocery Game and pull the coupons that you need to use, read blogs

Wednesday - Game Day! Go grocery shopping. Be sure to have a bit of a plan to allow for the coupon rules for whatever store(s) you shop at. Read blogs

Thursday - preview ads for the upcoming week, read blogs

Friday - read blogs, see coupon list at Taylortown and figure out how many papers you intend to buy on Sunday, read blogs

Saturday - read blogs

Anytime you have very specific shopping in mind, be sure to check deals first. Yesterday I went to a Reds game and needed to stop by Kohl's to get a Reds shirt. Before I left the house, I did a quick search online and found a printable coupon for 15% off all purchases at Kohl's. Two minutes of computer time turned into almost $10 of savings. We also made sure to eat before going to the game because we knew eating at the game would be expensive. We were able to keep snacks to a minimum. We had already allowed for a(n) (un)healthy indulgence of beer in the budget while we were there.

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