Monday, June 1, 2009


I usually don't do any grocery shopping in bulk sizes anymore.  With coupons most things end up being priced better in small quantities.  However, I have found a few things that are worth stocking up on at GFS.  Be sure to use your $5 off of a $50 purchase from your Entertainment Book.  

Charcoal - Huge bags of charcoal were priced at $7.49 when I was there yesterday.  A normal sized bag usually costs $10 at the grocery store.

Deli meat - I got an entire 10 pound thing of turkey.  They sliced it for me and I stuck half of it the freezer when I got home.  It cost $12.  Excellent price.  All of their deli meats are priced much lower than they are at the grocery store.

Hamburgers - you can get 20 hamburger patties for $10 right now.  This is a sale price, but the regular price is $12.99 I think.  And on top of that, they're delicious.  

Nacho cheese - I don't remember the price, but you can get a huge can for a great price.  I like to get this and add it to other items when I'm cooking.  A couple spoonfuls in macaroni and cheese makes it a lot creamier.  Add some salsa and jalapenos if you want mac with a kick.  It would make it good for a simple gourmet option if you're having people over.  It's also good for cheesy potatoes.

Bags - I use the white lunch size bags in my candle shop.  They also have the plastic t-shirt style bags.  You don't have to be a food vendor to find good deals on things you can use.  The white bags are good too if you want to make labels with your logo on them to stick to them, or use rubber stamps to make them pretty.  Make your own gift bags by cutting them down some.  Just punch holes on each side and use ribbons to make the straps.

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