Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My hubby had a good money saving tip for me today. I have no idea if it works. There's really no way to tell if it works. But I figure that it sounds good and is worth a try.

I'm better about it now, but I used to be a speed demon. I've only gotten two tickets in my entire life, but it's more a matter of not getting caught. But speeding tickets are very expensive. They also raise insurance rates. Plus, it ruins the whole day, so who needs that? So I don't speed anymore. However, I have an older car, and it is my opinion that the two times I got caught, it was because the cop seen my old car, and I look young for my age, so I truly think they figured that I was a younger person in need of a lesson. Plus, the surrounding circumstances were such that I didn't expect to get pulled over even when I did notice that a cop was watching. Regardless . . . let me get to the point.

My hubby is donating to the Highway Patrol. He showed me in the envelope today that the donation gets him a card to carry in his wallet, and a sticker to go on the car. Of course, it's not going to get anyone out of a DUI, or anything crazy. But if it's a situation that could go either way, hopefully the cop will see that and decide to go with giving you a warning. That's the theory anyway.

And now for the disclaimer . . . I have nothing against cops. I have nothing against cops pulling people over for breaking the law. I do have personal opinions on the difference between being an endangerment vs. making money for the county/city/state. But this is not a blog about my political views. I hold all officers of the law in high regard. They provide a valuable and necessary service to our communities. I am merely pointing out that a minor traffic violation where the mood of the officer could make a difference between a warning and a ticket, showing your support with a sticker on your car could help to sway the officer's mood in a direction that is more positive to your personal outcome.

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