Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mystery Shopping Again

Well, I've been going crazy with the mystery shopping. I have four of them scheduled for Monday. I've already talked about how much fun I think it is. And I'm saying it again. It's fun!!!! But another reason I really like it is because it gives my days a little bit of structure. Since I no longer have a normal job, it can be easy for me to get off track with my daily goals. Having a mystery shop scheduled forces me to get out of bed, and get up and moving. And I drop my little boy off at my mom's so he can play with nanny and I can get my errands done. I'm lucky to have my mom's help. One thing with mystery shopping is that you can't take kids on a lot of them. On dinners you usually can.

Market Force is currently my favorite mystery shop company. They pay pretty well. I have several restaurant shops scheduled where they pay for my meal AND pay me $5. Getting paid to eat out is even better than getting almost free groceries. (Except for the waistline.) A few things to note if you're thinking about mystery shopping . . . some restaurant shops are very specific with what you can order. Pay attention to make sure that you are ok with what you're allowed to eat. A rule that usually comes up is only one drink per person is allowed. I'm ok with that rule, but my hubby usually complains. I have a couple mystery shops coming up for fast food restaurants, and I'm bummed that I can't order a shake. I've also found some that will give me a tiny bit of gasoline for free. Only a dollar's worth, but hey, with the way things are, I'll take that dollar.

I wish I could tell you more specifics. But they call it mystery shopping for a reason.

In all honesty, other than getting to eat for free, it doesn't make much money. Between the time it takes to prepare, the time it takes to actually do the shop, then the time it takes to input your evaluation and scan and upload receipt copies and/or photos, it's a whole lot of time with little pay. But like I said before, I do it for other reasons. And I could probably get away with writing much less in my reports, but I like to put in as much as possible to keep my scores high. Each shop you do gets a rating. Some of the better shops require that you be at a certain level to do them. So if a high paying job happens to come up, then I've got the scores to be able to apply. I've seen some upscale restaurant shops reimbursing up to $250. There would be no other way that I would ever end up at a restaurant like that. LOL. Unfortunately you have to put out the money to start with then get reimbursed two months later.

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