Friday, April 17, 2009

Yay! Another Interesting New Story

Here is another news story that I've been following for a while. Time Warner was starting to test putting extra fees or a cap on "excessive internet use." While it's not a problem for most people right now, with the way Netflix, Itunes, and the newer free tv service Hulu has been picking up, more and more people are downloading and watching movies and tv over their computer than on the tv. It's my hope that when the contract is up on my satellite in 17 months, that I'll be able to cut out the cost of having a traditional satellite or cable service at all in favor of watching over the internet or buying dvd's. (I was already there, but hubby couldn't stand it. LOL. Men.) Personally, I prefer renting tv shows from Netflix anyway because there are no commercials and I don't have to wait week to week to see the shows. I can watch them all over the course of a few days, days that I choose, and not lose track of story lines or be left in suspense.

So, the thought of having to pay higher internet fees when the technology for downloading movies and tv shows was stressful. It doesn't do much good to get rid of one bill if another one goes way up. But it looks like they've put the kabosh on that idea. Thank goodness!

Also, if you aren't a fan of watching tv or movies over your computer, there is a way to hook up your computer to your tv. I'm working on getting a guest post on how to go about this. I'm told that you need a newer tv for it. And obviously a high speed internet connection.

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