Monday, April 27, 2009 Sale

Ok, anyone who knows me and has heard of me talking about how I've gotten $25 restaurant gift certificates for $1.60 . . . this sale is going on again.

First, please click on my link for Mr. Rebates and sign up for an account.  Once you have the account, do a search for, click on the link.  You'll get a pop up that you can close or leave open.  You should get 20% back on your purchase this way.

Do the search for restaurants in your area, and find whatever you like.  They will be showing up as $10 for $25 gift certificates.  Pay very close attention to the terms.  Most of the ones I do are for $25, but you have to spend $35 at the restaurant.  Still a good deal, but not all of them have as good of terms.

When you check out, use the code LUCKY and it will take 80% off of your order.  So that brings the $10 down to $2 for each one you buy.  Then in your Mr. Rebates account (can take a while to show up) you'll get back 20% of whatever you spend.  

Have fun!!!  I've gotten a lot of awesome deals this way.

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