Monday, April 6, 2009

Nicer Weather

I'm noticing that as the weather outside is nicer, there is less information online. People are outside playing instead of working inside on their blogs. Although that is inconvenient for those that are just getting started in the deal stuff, I want everyone to think about what that means. People who are running their own businesses, (and most of the blogs I refer to and watch closely are stay at home mothers who run their blogs as a business) are able to take days off and enjoy the weather whenever they want to. In the dreary winter months, these awesome blogs were posting several times a day, sometimes more. On nice weather days, I'm noticing that they tend to stick in a small obligatory post, and that's it.

So just a point in favor of having your own business. You are your own boss. You can play outside when the weather is nice and work harder on rainy days and bad weather seasons. In my book, that's the way life should be!

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